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Repercusión de prensa sobre la acogida del vino Malbec

Fecha de Publicación : 31/01/2023

Repercusión de prensa: Jamaica Observer "2022’s Best Malbecs are from Argentina"

Enlace a la Parte 1: https://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/2022s-best-malbecs-are-from-argenti...

Enlace a la Parte 2: https://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/2022s-best-malbecs-are-from-argenti...

Argentina ended 2022 on a high following the selection of Pyros Vineyard Limestone Hill Malbec 2018 and Doña Paula Los Indios Parcel 2019 as the best Malbecs in the world by British publication The Drink Business, in the recently revealed results of the 2022 Global Malbec Masters contest. Today, Thursday Food features the former, which is derived from vineyards located in the country's San Juan province, produced by Pyros Wines. This high-end Malbec, of which only a limited number (5,392 bottles) were produced, was chosen in a competition that featured the participation of 100 winemakers in Mendoza. The wine earned the top placement amongst other exceptional wines in the "Master" category, with a rare final score of 97 or more, becoming the first label from San Juan to achieve the highest award in international competition. This Malbec is the result of extremely meticulous micro-vinification work in different containers, and is an expression of the tremendous potential of the Pedernal Valley where it was produced.

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