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Repercusión de prensa en el Jamaica Observer "Amazing Wines For Valentine's Day"

Fecha de Publicación : 09/02/2023

"Amazing Wines For Valentine's Day"

Enlace al artículo: https://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/amazing-wines-for-valentines-day/

It is widely accepted that red wine is a powerful aphrodisiac with its antioxidant properties an added incentive for a romantic evening, especially when paired with chocolate. When it comes to pairing wine for Valentine's Day, try to match both the wine's body and flavour. Red wine generally goes best with red meat, pork as well as rich chocolates and cheeses. White wine matches with more delicate fish, chicken and pasta with white sauce, but if you prefer white wine and are serving steak, a robust Chardonnay or Riesling of an older vintage will still work. Similarly, a mellow Pinot Noir or other low-tannin wine will expertly complement chicken, fish or even white-sauced pasta. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, Thursday Food introduces you to five decadent red and white varietals from Argentina's PerSe Vines located in Gualtallary.

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