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Malvinas Video Contest winners announcement

The Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Jamaica congratulates the winners of the video contest "Malvinas, a Regional and Global Cause" and thanks the large number of participants from all Latin America and the Caribbean who have submitted videos, as a clear signal of support to the Argentine Republic in its demand for dialogue, for the elimination of colonialism and for a peaceful solution to the controversy relating to the Question of the Malvinas Islands.

The authors of the winning videos are: 

1) Thiago Söthe- Brazil

Link al video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6TfWVoyTCspTlA5eEpEazNwNVU/view

2) Ferney Andrés Cortes Bautista- Colombia

Link al video: https://youtu.be/afnwGgVIoO0

The winners, Thiago Söthe (Brazil) and Ferney Andrés Cortes Bautista (Colombia) will attend, in June 2016, the Special Session of the United Nations Committee on Decolonization, in New York, and witness the international community's support to the Argentine Republic in the Malvinas Question.



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