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Invitation to Pre-Qualify Contractors: Productive Logistics Platform in Posadas, Misiones


Link to bidding reference documents: CLICK HERE

Invitation to pre-qualify

The Port Administration of Posadas and Santa Ana (Administración Portuaria de Posadas y Santa Ana (APPSA)) and the SAPEM Posadas Industrial Park invite all potential parties interested in operating the port facilities of Posadas and Santa Ana to submit their expressions of interest in the provision of port operation, cargo handling and storage, vessel and watercraft management services, and hereby call any potential parties interested in operating the:

  • Port and Bonded Warehouse
  • Posadas Dry Dock
  • Santa Ana Port


Port and Bonded Warehouse scope: Concession of land for construction, installation and exploitation of the Posadas Bonded Warehouse. This warehouse is considered part of the Posadas Port, so it is going to be awarded together with such port.

Posadas Dry Dock scope: Concession of the Posadas dry dock intended for the maintenance of vessels, at an early stage, and construction thereafter.

Santa Ana Port scope: The Santa Ana Port has been designed to be a large storage center that will accommodate bulk cargo transportation. In particular, it is supposed to be fit for the cereal cargo coming from  the  south  of  Brazil shipping to  Rosario  (Santa  Fe)  or  other  locations  to  be determined. In the event of accelerated growth, expansion and duplication of the operational capacity of this port is expected.


Proposals may be submitted until Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 at 12 noon, at the APPSA headquarters.


On Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at the APPSA headquarters, APPSA reserves the right to modify the place of opening of the tenders.


San Martín, 1495 – POSADAS, MISIONES – ARGENTINA – CEP 3300 - +54 (0376)4447536 

Mail: appsa.misiones@gmail.com

Contact information of entity:

For Posadas and Santa Ana Ports:
Administración Portuaria de Posadas y Santa Ana.
Ministerio de Industria de Misiones.
San Martín No. 1495, Posadas Misiones.

E-mail: appsa.misiones@gmail.com

For the Posadas Dry Dock:
Parque Industrial Posadas SAPEM.
Ministerio de Industria de Misiones.  
San Martín No. 1495, Posadas Misiones.

E-mail: pip.sapem@gmail.com



Video about project in English language: https://youtu.be/8esMHrQiNkM



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