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Study in Argentina

You can find information on studying in Argentina in general at the link www.studentvisa.gob.ar, and visit the universities' webpage in Argentina, some of them are public (no tuition), some are private (tuition), to see which one you are interested in.

University of choice

Application and requirements vary depending on each University.

Details about enrollment should be inquired with the University you are interested in applying to. 

Most universities have online enrollment. Once the student is enrolled, the university will send the student a registration statement, with which the student will then begin the student visa request process.

Student requirements

Please visit link in order to find information in English on the process for obtaining a student visa: 


Documents required:

  1. Pre-admission certificate issued by the University. Once you have chosen a university, ask them to issue an electronic pre-admission certificate for you. The certificate must include the registration number of the University with the Single National Registry of Foreign Applicants (RENURE). This requirement will be waived if the chosen University submits a request before the National Direction of Migration of Argentina (DNM). In this case, this document will not be required by the Consulate.
  2. Passport valid for a minimum term of 6 months.
  3. Certificate of good conduct for the last three years issued by the countries where you resided for at least one year, certified by the Argentine Consulate or bearing the Hague Convention Apostille, and translated into Spanish.
  4. Evidence of sufficient economic means for subsistence and accommodation (credit cards and bank information, scholarships, etc.).
  5. Payment of migration and consular fee. To be paid at the time the documentation is submitted. The Argentine Consulate will provide the relevant information on the fees and method of payment.
  6. 4 pictures (4x4 cm). Front view. White background.

Need more information? 

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